A and his mother G, then found me

I don’t want to go into how exactly they found me, it’s a long and boring story, in many ways it was my own fault, they laid out the most elaborate trap, and I blindly wandered straight into it.

I never got along with my family, and after leaving home at 17 to run away to singapore to work in the oil industry, I never really had any friends either, so after a very freakish accident I damaged both my legs, a disease called chondromalacia patallae, i was stuck at home on crutches or in a wheelchair for 9 months, and I discovered the internet.

This was almost 10 years ago, there wasn’t an awfal lot to do online and my geek side came out and i joined several star trek and Buffy the vampire slayer sites, role playing games in chatrooms and msn chat rooms dedicated to geeks and bored housewives.

I was very chatty, in these rooms and caught the attention of A, he followed me from chat room to chatroom for months, 6 months exactly according to the FBI, i’d never made any secret of the fact that I wasn’t very close to my family, and that I was pretty lonely living isolated in singapore, with a workaholic husband. This was when A decided I wouldn’t be interested in a man , so in comes his mother ‘G’, they gave her a whole new persona, something they knew i’d like, she was motherly, kind, very easy to talk too. Over the next few months she convinced me that my husband was having an affair.
I had my doubts, but they piled the proof on, fake amex bills, addressed to his office address, dates he’s seen escorts in LA when i’d thought he was in Brazil, dozens of little things that piled up and got on top of me.

In case I didn’t mention it before A was a licenced private investigator, i’d even checked him out, so when G begged me to come see her and see for myself this pile of ‘evidence’ she had I gave in and, the next time my husband had a big trip away i went to Texas to meet her. I booked into my hotel and the next day i met her at a little bar across the street, I even remember the name, it was called hulios and it was famous for it’s margaritas. I met G, she was lovely, the perfect motherly type, then she introduced me to her son A, a weird looking man of about 50, bald head, beard, tough looking lunatic, but i pushed him aside and concentrated on G, i looked through all the papework, matched up dates from a diary brought from home, Checked credit card bills for credit cards we didn’t have, all addressed to my husbands head office and therefore never seen by me. Stupidly i was convinced, I left the bar, threw up all over A’s cowboy boots, and somehow managed to get back to the hotel and cried all day.

After that it was easy, i again waited for a long business trip, and I packed up my personal things only, and had them shipped to my sisters house, i then bought 3 plane tickets and flew home to scotland. Lawyers wouldn’t represent me because i’d been out of the country so long, i wasa no longer considered a citizen, I had no employable skills as such, no assets, no property in my name, nothing actually, except what i was wearing. My parents wouldn’t let me stay, as hubby paid their rent, my sister wouldn’t let me stay as my husband owned her house. 3 days after landing in the UK, I flew to Texas, to G, my lovely friend who invited me to stay with her while i considered my options. G met me at the airport, drove me to her ramshackle old ranch 75 miles north of Fort Worth, only one room was decorated, a room for my kids, toys, nice furniture, games, bikes everything. My room had a bed with handcuffs chained to the wall.

Within minutes G had moved out (she looked after my children, while mummy was sick) and A moved in.

It was 6th of December 2003

Then A moved in, and G moved out,

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