Rape comes in many forms

Rape comes in many different guises, for me, the freakish side was what stopped me from pressing charges. A decision I deeply regret to this day. We got him, and his creepy mother (lover, accomplice, sister, whatever she was) on financial crimes. At that point, the States was not interested in rape, all they wanted was terrorists. A british woman being tortured and raped didn’t cut it.

No rape is ever normal, and I apologise to anyone who thinks what I am about to say is within the relms of normal, to me it isn’t.

You see the man and woman who conned me into going over to texas to see paperwork proving my husbands infidelity, had been stalking me online for 6 months finding out what i would respond to, hence the mother, they knew i had no real family conections, I was lonely and in a marriage that was falling apart, perfect target for a couple of con artists. We later found out from the FBI that they had been stalking me thru chatrooms for over 6 month to see what kind of thing I talked about.

To get to the weird part, the ‘man’ who took me was 5ft 8 or 9, 50 years old, bald with a beard, he was a licenced process server (bounty hunter), and he rode bulls in the forth worth rodeo.
He had been married twice one to a lady called Angela, she died under mysterious circumstances of a cocain overdose,and her body was dragged across a car park and left in a buick in an abandoned car park. Her adult daughter and son in law also died, their bodies were never found.

He married a second time, to a lady who worked within the legal system, they were married for 5 years, she came home unexpected one day and he was in the shower, but he wasn’t a he, he was a she, sort of. Born a haemaphrodie, the parents decided to raise it as a girl, but at 21m he cut off his own breasts to become more manly, he never had the money to complete the sex change, he changed his name to ‘A’ ans started to live as a man, in a small rural town in backwards texas this wasn’t really noticed, he was just another redneck fuckwit. After the second wife found him she had her brothers throw him out, but she wouldn’t press charges because she didn’t want everyone to know she’d been married to a woman for 5 years and didn’t know it. I can’t blame her. He was a master of deception.

All the time that this was going on his big brother J died from a mysterious fall from a horse, he hit his face on a rock and was identified by dental records. A short time after this, his father, a war hero, also died under strange circumstances, the brakes on his car failed. This left A and his mother alone to do whatever it was that they did.

And then they found me..

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